Wipe Clean Liberty High Chair Cushion Mitsi Grey

This grey Liberty High Chair cushion is the perfect companion for weaning. We love it when practicality and chic-ness come together, especially for an item that is so often on display (and so often used!) in the household.

No need for ties, the material  will not slip on your chair and the cushion can easily be whipped out of the chair for a clean!

The Liberty of London fabric used for our high chair cushions is supple yet durable oilcloth, which is perfect for any messy eaters as the cushion is easy to wipe down and clean.

Each cushion is handmade and  has a space between the side and back panels to place your chair’s safety harness through (not supplied, and should be part of your high chair’s own structure).

Dimensions: This model fits the foldable Combelle high chair, and will fit high chairs of similar size and style. Sides H17 x W27cm, sitting W30 x D27cm, back H34 x W30cm.

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