Mustard Name Sign

Every child (and mummy and daddy!) loves to see their name displayed, and none more beautifully so than with these delicate handmade name signs.

Each name sign is hand forged from a single length of wire covered in fabric, into lovely cursive letters. It looks wonderful as shelf décor, or hung on bedroom walls and doors.

Each name sign comes in its very own gift box.

We wish for our Little Cloud wires to be enjoyed by all but please note they are for decoration only and are not toys. This sign should be installed out of reach of children.

Length and height will depend on the word. The maximum height will be 11cm for tall letters and 4 cm for the smaller letters. The maximum length is 30 cm. Shorter words will be shorter in length, longer words will be shorter in height. As an example, 'Eloise' is approx 30cm long and letters are between 3.5 and 11 cm tall. Please contact us if you would like approximative dimensions to be communicated to you before placing your order. 

NB: it is not possible for names with ascending letters f, g, j, p, q and y to be displayed on a flat table/ shelf surface due to the shape of their design. To the exception of Y, this does not apply to the capital letters.