'MILES' Mint Knit Sign (SAMPLE)

£16.00 £9.00

A beautiful and delicate handmade name sign spelling MILES.

The sign is hand forged from a single length of wire covered in knit, into lovely cursive letters.

In order to minimise waste and keep the price down, the sign will come in left over stock of paper or cellophane bags.


The sign look wonderful on a shelf, hung on bedroom walls or door. It is light and will easily rest against an accessory or wall.

If you wish to hang your sign, the most discrete option is to use a couple of tiny nails (not supplied). You can hook 2 of the letters directly onto them. It's most secure if you hang the first and last letter when possible. Just hold your sign where you want to hang it and mark the wall where the nails need to go using a pencil.

Alternatively, you can hang them with washi tape or by hooking them with fairy light command hooks (available from most DIY stores).

Please hang the sign far from the reach of little hands and away from cots.


11 x 25 cm


Please note that this item is handmade to order. Please allow 2 full weeks for it to be created just for you .